An invitation to cities and interested partners

For the “Action towards Resource-efficient and Low Carbon Cities in Asia” initiative to succeed, partnership and collaboration among various stakeholders – city authorities and its service units, NGOs, businesses, civil society, donors’ organization, etc. – are imperative. We look forward to work jointly on issues and areas of interest from stakeholders, who wish to contribute in this effort. Support for this program can be in the form of:

  • supporting workshops and training programs to sensitize city authorities towards low carbon initiatives;

  • assisting cities to carry out the diagnostic studies in consultation with urban stakeholders that allow to prioritize the action plan in the participating cities;

  • consultation on the activities the cities would implement;

  • assisting in implementing specific initiatives in the participating cities; and

  • dissemination of program results and sharing of information.  


Bilan Carbon Activities

Advisory Group Meeting: 10 August 2010

First Bilan Carbon Training: 05-09 January 2011

Second Biland Carbon Training: 09-12 March 2011