The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) with support from the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) has initiated a two year “Action towards Resource-efficient and Low Carbon Cities in Asia” program with the objective to assist a number of small and medium cities of Asia in their efforts towards low carbon to achieve resource efficiencies and environmental sustainability.

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

For fifty years, AIT (www.ait.asia) has been serving as a regional hub for higher education and research in natural sciences, engineering & technology, management and societal development, corresponding to the environmental, economic and cultural dimension of sustainable development. Low carbon issues and its promotion (technology and policy) is an important focus area of training and research at AIT. Earlier, AIT has been the regional anchor institution for the Urban Management Program of UN-Habitat for the Asia-Pacific. AIT has also been a knowledge management center for the Sustainable Cities Program of UN-Habitat. AIT has been coordinating Asian Regional Research program on Energy, Environment and Climate, Asian Regional Research program on Environmental Technologies, Renewable Energy Technologies in Asia- A regional research and dissemination program, and Southeast Asia - Urban Environmental Management Applications program.

French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME)

ADEME (www2.ademe.fr) ) is a key player in the area of sustainable development at the European and world levels. In close collaboration with its supervisory ministers and varied network, the agency is extending its expertise to emerging and developing countries in addition to industrialized nations. On a multilateral level, ADEME provides expert advice to French and European delegations, under the framework of the Climate Change Convention, the Sustainable Development Commission, the UNECE Transboundary Pollution Convention or the International Energy Agency Treaty. It takes part in large multilateral meetings and implementing the resulting decisions. ADEME participates in number of bilateral or decentralized cooperation programs, thereby assisting in the development of regional, national or local policies focusing on ways to improve energy efficiency, urban environment management, the use of renewable energy or access to energy in rural areas. It supports the development of policies in these sectors, and follows up on them with concrete actions.