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Why resource-efficient and low carbon cities?

Cities across the globe account for about 2% of the earth's landmass and host 3.1 billion (51%) of the world's population. In 1950, only 231 million (17.1%) people lived in urban areas in Asia. It has increased to about 1.8 billion (42%) by 2010. With more than two fifths of the world's population, Asia now has the largest number of urban dwellers. Read more...

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Towards low carbon cities: TCEP & Bilan CarboneTM approach

To assist companies , administrations and local authorities in their pursuit of fighting against climate change, the ADEME ...


The program in a nutshell

There are 225 urban agglomerations in Asia with populations of 0.5 to 1 million, and 184 cities with populations of 1 to 5 million. These are expected to increase to 241 and 244 respectively by 2015. This will lead to higher resource use and environmental issues. The authorities and planners need to take initiatives to address resource use efficiency of cities and the greenhouse gas emissions. Read more...

ADEME presents the GHG emissions assessment tool

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